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David Kleinberg

VP Marketing ViVOtech

“Our mission is to provide access to valuable information, technologies and programs that you can use to reverse the damages created by toxic environments and take control of you health. We aim to make it simple and fun.” Bo also helped me as a mentor, and his advice was well-grounded and very helpful. Bo brings an L.A. style and sense of humor to his assignments, and it’s a real pleasure to have fun working with someone who consistently produces high results and keeps you laughing at the same time.”

Keith Allaun

CEO Powerhouse Energy

“In my entire career, during the last 30 years, I’ve been able to count on Bo Rinaldi as a mentor, a manager, a leader, and one of the most insightful, thoughtful, curious, and eloquent people with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work. It didn’t surprise me one Sunday, a number of years ago, leafing through the New York Times Sunday Edition, and finding a full page story on “the most networked man in Silicon Valley- Bo Rinaldi!” Use Bo as your Mentor and you will see why many say he is the most insightful person they have ever worked with.”

Mike Schroeder

SVP Rambus

“I’ve known Bo and benefited from his partnership since my first introduction way back at Apple in the late 80s. If you will excuse the pop reference, Bo knows mentoring! Bo had a tremendously positive influence on me as I developed my own understanding of talent acquisition and development. I have benefited from Bo’s work many times and at several companies and have come to trust his insights and ability to the essence of any situation.”

Patty McCord

Chief Talent Officer, Netflix

“Bo is an effervescent bundle of energy, very creative and a delightful member of any team he mentors.”

Chris Lehman

Biotech Financial Strategist

“Bottom line: a more tireless, dedicated and effective mentoring you simply will not find. His long-term commitment to the success of his clients is also 100 % genuine. And his extraordinary track record of success reflects his exceptional talent for working effectively at every level of relationship.”

Bart Meltzer

Creator of XML

“Simply stated, Bo is the best! Bo is great at what he does and is a pleasure to work with and be with. At Veo Systems, Bo helped me to build a world class team to invent and build ground breaking technology. Without Bo, we could not have done it. I am confident that any company or individual working with Bo will be working with the best mentor available. I would always work with Bo given the opportunity.”

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